We are passionate about capturing authentic moments of connection between people and telling people’s stories through our own unique voice as artists and storytellers. This is why we do what we do.

Hi there, we are Jenn & Dave Stark, a husband and wife photography team who believe in living our lives not for the collection of things but rather for the collection of experiences, relationships, and those fleeting moments that forever stay with us. We feel so luck to be able to journey through life’s experiences side by side, and to meet others traveling along a similar path! We live in Toronto, Canada, but we love exploring the world around us, and are excited that our photography often allows us the incredible opportunity to do so. When we create images, we are not looking for what is perfect or contrived — we are looking for real moments and authentic connections between people. It is those moments and experiences that we see as the “perfect” parts of our own lives and it’s this that we want to document for others. We love capturing what is unique, different, genuine, and therefore beautiful about each person we encounter. We find it inspiring when people can be fully themselves and when we can tell their stories authentically.

We absolutely love what we do — we are excited about working with our clients and we pour our heart and soul into our art. (Image of us below taken by Sarah Rhoads, Seattle 2011)

ABOUT JENN: I’m a short, brown eyed, INFJ girl who loves ideas, laughing, creating and hearing other people’s stories. I’m a dreamer and I know it, but I like a life that is full of possibility and opportunity. I have never felt as alive and truly in my element than when I am photographing and discovering what makes each person unique and beautiful in their own ways. I feel truly fortunate to live this life and to have such a wonderful partner in Dave with whom to share it all with.

Some of the things I just love are: Lemons. Writing to-do lists. Wispy clouds. My Mac and my TOMS shoes (…both equally). Wildflowers. Get lost in old bookstores and pouring through pages in cozy cafes. NYC. Watching thunderstorms. Having campfires. Writing. Whimsy. Sitting with my legs crossed.

One of my favourite quotes is this one by Anna Quindlen: “There is one picture of the three of them sitting in the grass … ages 6, 4 and 1. And I wish I could remember what we ate, and what we talked about, and how they sounded, and how they looked when they slept that night. I wish I had not been in such a hurry to get on to the next thing: dinner, bath, book, bed. I wish I had treasured the doing a little more and the getting it done a little less.”

Here’s to treasuring the doing a little more. (Image below taken by Dave Stark, Portland 2011)

ABOUT DAVE: I’m a slightly taller, hazel eyed, INTP boy who loves observing, creating, laughing, and living life to its fullest. I like engaging in genuine conversation, remembering past joys, and living my life to experience new and wonderful things with the people I love. I feel so blessed to be able to share in and document other people’s experiences as well as my own and to be lucky enough to work every day with the love of my life.

Some of the things I love are: Triscuits. Perfecting a meal from an old recipe. Baseball. Going on bike rides and canoe trips. Star Wars. Historical fiction. Pumpkin pie. Sitting with my feet up. Coffee shop dates.

The thing I love most about photography is how photos take you back to the time and place of their creation and help you remember not only how you looked but how you felt in that moment. My favourite photographs of Jenn and I are the ones that remind me of something we experienced together and the love we felt for each other in that moment. The best photographs are the ones that bring people closer together and capturing those types of images for other people is why I love doing what I do. (Image below taken by Jenn Stark, Las Vegas 2011)

…….Oh, and we also have the world’s cutest cat named Cleo : )

Again, thank you so much for being here and reading along! Go back to the BLOG.