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While in Cabo last week, I tagged alongside the lovely and adorable Scarlet (a new photographer friend we met at the conference we were both attending) and we did a super quick session with the equally lovely Lauren & Tim one evening — I think in total we maybe shot for about ten minutes max before the sun went down — but it was so much fun! The rush of it all and the mounds of inspiration from the conference combined into one big mushy pile of love! One of my favourite memories from the week for sure. Lauren and Tim are newly married and run their own photography business together over in Philadelphia, they are super fun, can dance all night, and are incredibly passionate about what they do….. I only wish there’d been more time for us to get to know each other (but I’m sure we’ll meet up again in the not so distant future, right guys?! Yes is the only acceptable answer!).

I’ve got a few shots in here too of the lovely and super sweet Scarlet working her magic — be sure to head on over to SCARLET’S blog to check out her viewpoint as well! Thanks for having me tag along guys!

– Jenn xx


If you’ve been following Dave or my twitter/facebook feeds over the past couple of weeks, then you’ve probably heard us mention (likely more than once!) the incredible time we’ve had being a part of the WHAT IF Conference in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. I really cannot say enough good things about being a part of this…….. that week will go down in our personal histories as one of those game changers, no question. Dave and I have been to a few photography conferences in our time, but this was something completely different — this was not a photography conference. This was a conference for anyone who considers themselves a creative — whether in photography, art, even business — people who are interested in challenging themselves to think bigger and ask the scariest question of all….. What if? all while surrounded by an awesome community of likeminded individuals who’ve become like family. I couldn’t be more grateful to Steve and Jen Bebb, who followed their own “what if?” and put this conference together, and I am brimming over with excitement to see where it goes from here and so excited to be a part of it! Love those two. Dave and I walk away forever changed and moving forward on some big “what if”s of our own!

From chatting over dinner and hanging out on the beach, to wearing ponchos together and dancing the night away, what an amazing group of people this conference brought together! So many fun times and amazing conversations I won’t ever forget. Thank you thank you thank you everyone who stayed up all night chatting with Dave and I! Also, I’ve got to mention the incredible set of “artist-preneurs” who spoke over the course of the four days, you have set off so many sparks and I’ve filled pages and pages with ideas and action steps…. Thanks to each one of you for sharing yourselves — Sarah & Chris Rhoads, Jesh deRox, Justin Lyon, Dan O’Day, Jen & Steve Bebb and Jesse & Whit Chamberlain. Your personal journeys in and of themselves are so inspiring. Can’t thank you enough for hanging with us for the week. PS – I might have cried during each one of your talks.

So, if you consider yourself an “artist-preneur”, you should hop on board, you really should. What If is getting ready to announce their next set of dates, and it’s not something you want to miss. Here are some images to hopefully convince you even more! Dare to live the life you want and don’t let fear stop you from dreaming big friends.

– Jenn xx

The following are a few images from our phones and instax taken over the course of the week……haha so many laughs!

Be sure to follow the WHAT IF Conference on twitter or check back in on the website for the next set of dates somewhere in US. Dave and I hope to see you there!


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