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While in Cabo last week, I tagged alongside the lovely and adorable Scarlet (a new photographer friend we met at the conference we were both attending) and we did a super quick session with the equally lovely Lauren & Tim one evening — I think in total we maybe shot for about ten minutes max before the sun went down — but it was so much fun! The rush of it all and the mounds of inspiration from the conference combined into one big mushy pile of love! One of my favourite memories from the week for sure. Lauren and Tim are newly married and run their own photography business together over in Philadelphia, they are super fun, can dance all night, and are incredibly passionate about what they do….. I only wish there’d been more time for us to get to know each other (but I’m sure we’ll meet up again in the not so distant future, right guys?! Yes is the only acceptable answer!).

I’ve got a few shots in here too of the lovely and super sweet Scarlet working her magic — be sure to head on over to SCARLET’S blog to check out her viewpoint as well! Thanks for having me tag along guys!

– Jenn xx


To round things up this week, I thought I’d share a few images from when we met up with this darling duo and took some photos around their neighbourhood a couple weekends ago! We traipsed around the local streets of Jenn and Andrew’s hometown of Toronto, through the fallen leaves as the autumn sun ducked beneath the buildings, took some photos, and got to know a bit about this sweet pair. Jenn and Andrew are an absolute delight to be around, very easy-going and kind-spirited kinds of people. I loved the vibe these two give off and needless to say, we loved our time with them and making these images……. I love the sweetness that oozes out of them and feel privileged as always for being given this glimpse into their lives and love and the chance to document it for them. Definitely counting down the days until we do it all again at their Toronto wedding next year : )

Fall’s got to be one of the prettiest times of the year and it seems like (around here at least) the season’s trying its best to extend itself as long as it can, which I for one am beyond grateful for! These last few shoots we’ve been doing I’ve tried to just soak it in as part of me knows that the shorter and colder days of winter are on its way. Hope you’re trying to soak in the days too!

– Jenn xx


Meet Dominika and Nelson – these two are just about as sweet, happy, and genuine as they come, and so full of joy you can’t help but smile when you’re around them! These guys are explorers, adventurers, and lovers of experiencing life to its fullest…….. that much is so clear when you’re around them. Some of their biggest passions are traveling together, going jogging, and giving each other high fives, which, coincidentally, all happen to be among our favourite things too! Dave and I absolutely loved our time with them a couple of weeks ago on a warm fall day walking around the parks they run through around their neighbourhood…… they just opened up, let go, and allowed themselves to experience the moment in front of our cameras and it was lovely to capture these moments for them to hold on to and keep close to their hearts for many years to come…..

That’s one of the coolest things about photographing people – capturing them how they really are right in that very moment. It’s crazy to stop and really think of how fleeting these moments and this exact place and time in each of our lives really is. It is a truly lovely thing to be able to give people to hang onto as the years pass. Dominika and Nelson are superstars for allowing us in and we can’t wait to share their big day with them next fall! I know it’s going to be a good one : )

– Jenn xx


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