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Completely didn’t intend to go almost a month without blogging. Pretty sure that breaks some kind of record for me…. !

But you know what… it was good. And needed, in a way I had no idea I needed until I was in the middle of it. It’s been good to step away and take a break, reconsider and re-direct where you’re going. The month’s been filled with roadtrips, getting sick (both of us. again. i know.), brunches, becoming vegetarian (we were already practically there, but it still feels good), walks to the local coffee place, designing and planning, personal projects, business projects, a bit of reading time, among other things. As much as we all talk about taking the big leap and just going for it, no looking back, I think there’s something big and understated about the (lost) art of actually taking a moment to think things through. In fact, I read a brilliant article about it recently (go on, read it! I promise it’s worth it).

I hope (and cross my fingers) that the next time I blog it is from our brand spanking new blog that I’ve been spending quite a lot of time on these past few weeks/months, so it’s about time to start getting excited! We’ve got lots to share and will probably be blogging a bit more regularly once our words and images have a nicer place to call home. A place that is more us. If you like it half as much as I do, you’ll like it a whole lot  : )

– Jenn xx

(Sneak peek in that collage of photos of our new name…. yep, we’re changing our name to better reflect us both, Dave becomes more and more a part of things every day and I am super thankful for him…. and he deserves more than just the letter ‘s’ at the end of the word photographers, right? ; )


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I’m sitting here in our (still feels new) home office (we moved a couple months ago), at our new lovely and large two person desk (finally we both have a spot to work at!), and I just thought I’d write a little something here since it’s been a while. We are still alive, actually feeling more alive than ever, but our days have been full, a good kind of full.

We came home from a conference (which I blogged about here) a few weeks ago simply BUZZING with ideas and new life. I read a friend’s blog this morning (who’d also attended the same conference) and she reminded me again of something that was said during one of the classes that really challenged me at the time, and still does. As small business owners and creative entrepreneurs, each and every one of us has taken a huge leap at least once in our careers. That “leap”, that stepping off the ledge, came when we had the courage to even go down this path and start pursuing our loves as a business. We had the courage then, but what about the second ledge that came along? How many of us have the courage to take a second leap, or a third or a fourth? Because life isn’t about taking one big risk and then coasting on the fumes of that one decision; it’s about risking again and again in pursuit of what makes you truly come alive as you grow and discover who you are.

The real reason I haven’t been blogging so much lately is because most of my time at my computer is being taken up by preparing for the launch of a new blog & website, which I am super excited about and hope will be ready in the next month or so. We’ve also been working on something pretty near and dear to our hearts that has been on our minds for a while, but that we now have the extra bit of courage to actually pursue and put into motion, which I hope to be able to share and get underway soon too! I’m excited beyond belief, seriously the days go by way too fast planning all of this! And although it’s scary beyond belief stepping off that ledge, I’ve never felt more comfortable in my own skin, really.

– Jenn xx

Just a few random images from our life recently…… does everyone else find the last frame of the photobooth strip as hilarious as I do??! I laugh every time I look at it. Toronto, February 2012.


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If you’ve been following Dave or my twitter/facebook feeds over the past couple of weeks, then you’ve probably heard us mention (likely more than once!) the incredible time we’ve had being a part of the WHAT IF Conference in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. I really cannot say enough good things about being a part of this…….. that week will go down in our personal histories as one of those game changers, no question. Dave and I have been to a few photography conferences in our time, but this was something completely different — this was not a photography conference. This was a conference for anyone who considers themselves a creative — whether in photography, art, even business — people who are interested in challenging themselves to think bigger and ask the scariest question of all….. What if? all while surrounded by an awesome community of likeminded individuals who’ve become like family. I couldn’t be more grateful to Steve and Jen Bebb, who followed their own “what if?” and put this conference together, and I am brimming over with excitement to see where it goes from here and so excited to be a part of it! Love those two. Dave and I walk away forever changed and moving forward on some big “what if”s of our own!

From chatting over dinner and hanging out on the beach, to wearing ponchos together and dancing the night away, what an amazing group of people this conference brought together! So many fun times and amazing conversations I won’t ever forget. Thank you thank you thank you everyone who stayed up all night chatting with Dave and I! Also, I’ve got to mention the incredible set of “artist-preneurs” who spoke over the course of the four days, you have set off so many sparks and I’ve filled pages and pages with ideas and action steps…. Thanks to each one of you for sharing yourselves — Sarah & Chris Rhoads, Jesh deRox, Justin Lyon, Dan O’Day, Jen & Steve Bebb and Jesse & Whit Chamberlain. Your personal journeys in and of themselves are so inspiring. Can’t thank you enough for hanging with us for the week. PS – I might have cried during each one of your talks.

So, if you consider yourself an “artist-preneur”, you should hop on board, you really should. What If is getting ready to announce their next set of dates, and it’s not something you want to miss. Here are some images to hopefully convince you even more! Dare to live the life you want and don’t let fear stop you from dreaming big friends.

– Jenn xx

The following are a few images from our phones and instax taken over the course of the week……haha so many laughs!

Be sure to follow the WHAT IF Conference on twitter or check back in on the website for the next set of dates somewhere in US. Dave and I hope to see you there!


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Hope you all had an excellent New Year’s, however you chose to celebrate! Just thought I’d take a minute here while I wait for the paint to dry (is that a saying? I mean it literally though, we really are waiting for paint to dry before another coat goes on the walls of our new office…..!) and as I finish up a delicious bowl of yogurt and blueberries, to think a little bit on the past year, the new one that’s ahead, and what it all means to me. I have some thoughts to share too, if you don’t mind.

This past year has been a huge one for Dave and I in terms of coming into our own as photographers, artists, creatives, and business owners. I think for any creative jumping into their field of choice, it’s a bit like a kid learning to ride a bike, a little bit swerve-y at first, just hoping to stay on most of the time. That’s a lot of what our first year was like, when I think back on it now. There were a few moments to look around, have small successes and enjoy the ride, but it was mostly clutching to the handlebars, trying to push out the fears, and watching and learning from as many other people as we could as we tried to find our feet. This past year was our second full year, and when I look back on 2011 I see it as an immense period of growth and of discovering who I was as not just a photographer but mostly as a person. A person beyond a wedding photographer, or even a photographer or creative, and discovering the reasons behind my passions and the things that get me excited and fired up inside. I’ve spent the last little while really diving into those reasons….. I’ve loved it and have learned a ton!

There’s still a few more shoots that I want to share from 2011, but from here on out I’m taking some time to re-examine the direction I want this blog to go in, one that fits exactly with our hearts and goals. There will be some changes happening over the next few months, for which I hope you’ll stick around to see! I might not be on here as much over the little bit as I want to really focus on these things, but I’ll still be around  : )

Businesses are a lot like houses — sometimes you need to paint a few walls, fix a few things on the surface, and sometimes it’s a bigger project. I think you always need to be prepared to knock down a few walls, as painful as that might be, if that’s what it takes to build up something truly great and that satisfies those things you believe in your core. We are looking into 2012 ready to push made up boundaries, expand our horizons, put our blinkers on and stay true to our voice and who we authentically are. We’re digging deep into ourselves to discover what it is that drives us as people and the causes we want to champion that reach out beyond ourselves.

So grateful for each of you that supports us and reads along. Here’s to a bright 2012 where we are all able to hear and listen to our own voice from within…….

– Jenn xx


I thought and thought, started and re-started this post to sum up 2011. I picked out some images from this past year that caught my eye and pulled at my heart, then thought about all the stories we’ve helped tell this year with so many great people, and how would I ever compile that into one big story, the story of our photography journey…… kind of overwhelming! Something I’ve done this year that I’m pretty happy about is kept a proper journal, where I’ve written down my random thoughts, ideas, things I don’t want to forget. I’ve loved it! I haven’t written everyday, but I also haven’t beaten myself up for not doing so, and it’s been really neat to read through the year……. so I thought I’d include some excerpts to go along with the images. Hope you enjoy  : )

A NEW YEAR… 01/01 Happiness has got to be something portable that you can carry around with you… it may be raining, the sky may be grey, there are no fireworks or big parade, but it’s a new year and I’m determined to figure out a way to store up happiness and carry it around in my pocket, whatever my window may happen to look out upon.

TRAVELS TO VEGAS + CHICAGO… 02/13 One of the things I want most is to do something that leaves a ripple. Dave said it was good to feel this way and that people who are satisfied all the time can’t possibly have enough motivation to keep moving forward. I’d rather be constantly moving forward.

BUSY SEASON WELL + TRULY STARTS… 04/17 I’ve been thinking lately as my life as a story… one that could be made into a movie, where people would leave the theatre feeling inspired and happy. I thought about what my “inciting incident” would be, and thought about the time I was laid off my teaching job in the UK. But then I realized that really life needs to be made up of a series of inciting incidents, not just one. Life isn’t a movie with a happily ever after at the end, real life keeps on going.

THE PACIFIC-NORTHWEST… 07/03 We are currently driving through hills covered with tall, narrow evergreens and yellow wildflowers by the sides of the road. It is cool and cloudy, just how I pictured it being here… this feels like the west coast I imagined. Dave’s wearing a checkered shirt and I’m in my new scarf and we’re lazily talking about whatever comes to mind… I keep trying to remind myself to stop and really be present in these moments. (Images of us by Anda Marie & Sarah Rhoads!)

SUMMER… 08/09 In the end I think everybody is, in some way, an artist. Put on this earth to create something out of nothing from their own unique perspective and experiences.

ROADTRIP… 08/29 It really is true that sometimes the good things in life come in bunches… beyond grateful.

END OF SUMMER/START OF FALL… 08/25 There is just something about that part of the world – the fingers of the lakes, the lichen-covered stone, the pines, the colours, the quiet. The mother of the bride yesterday read out an essay called “leaving home” that the bride had written in high school and then she went on to say that for them, it has always been better to reach the peak of a mountain top than the gain of any material things. That just inspired me to no end. It all just tugged at me inside, telling me to live a better life, one that I would be proud to have told.

ROUNDING OUT THE YEAR… 11/17 I’m sure that when I look back on this year, I will look back on it as a year of realizations about myself – what I need to have, what I want to be, who I just am. The new year for me feels like a time to start over in a way, to start being that person I’m discovering that I am.

Sitting here at the end of 2011, 2.5 years after starting on this crazy dream, and I’m looking ahead more than anything. If we are anywhere, it is because we stand on the shoulders of giants — our friends + family who encourage us, and the beautiful people we have gotten to know this year, who you’ve just seen in these many preceding photographs. 2011 will forever be a memory of an awesome year of growing and discovering…. thanks to all who were a part of our lives and who made it what it was. Here’s to 2012!

Many x’s and o’s!! – Jenn & Dave


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