While in Cabo last week, I tagged alongside the lovely and adorable Scarlet (a new photographer friend we met at the conference we were both attending) and we did a super quick session with the equally lovely Lauren & Tim one evening — I think in total we maybe shot for about ten minutes max before the sun went down — but it was so much fun! The rush of it all and the mounds of inspiration from the conference combined into one big mushy pile of love! One of my favourite memories from the week for sure. Lauren and Tim are newly married and run their own photography business together over in Philadelphia, they are super fun, can dance all night, and are incredibly passionate about what they do….. I only wish there’d been more time for us to get to know each other (but I’m sure we’ll meet up again in the not so distant future, right guys?! Yes is the only acceptable answer!).

I’ve got a few shots in here too of the lovely and super sweet Scarlet working her magic — be sure to head on over to SCARLET’S blog to check out her viewpoint as well! Thanks for having me tag along guys!

– Jenn xx


I thought and thought, started and re-started this post to sum up 2011. I picked out some images from this past year that caught my eye and pulled at my heart, then thought about all the stories we’ve helped tell this year with so many great people, and how would I ever compile that into one big story, the story of our photography journey…… kind of overwhelming! Something I’ve done this year that I’m pretty happy about is kept a proper journal, where I’ve written down my random thoughts, ideas, things I don’t want to forget. I’ve loved it! I haven’t written everyday, but I also haven’t beaten myself up for not doing so, and it’s been really neat to read through the year……. so I thought I’d include some excerpts to go along with the images. Hope you enjoy  : )

A NEW YEAR… 01/01 Happiness has got to be something portable that you can carry around with you… it may be raining, the sky may be grey, there are no fireworks or big parade, but it’s a new year and I’m determined to figure out a way to store up happiness and carry it around in my pocket, whatever my window may happen to look out upon.

TRAVELS TO VEGAS + CHICAGO… 02/13 One of the things I want most is to do something that leaves a ripple. Dave said it was good to feel this way and that people who are satisfied all the time can’t possibly have enough motivation to keep moving forward. I’d rather be constantly moving forward.

BUSY SEASON WELL + TRULY STARTS… 04/17 I’ve been thinking lately as my life as a story… one that could be made into a movie, where people would leave the theatre feeling inspired and happy. I thought about what my “inciting incident” would be, and thought about the time I was laid off my teaching job in the UK. But then I realized that really life needs to be made up of a series of inciting incidents, not just one. Life isn’t a movie with a happily ever after at the end, real life keeps on going.

THE PACIFIC-NORTHWEST… 07/03 We are currently driving through hills covered with tall, narrow evergreens and yellow wildflowers by the sides of the road. It is cool and cloudy, just how I pictured it being here… this feels like the west coast I imagined. Dave’s wearing a checkered shirt and I’m in my new scarf and we’re lazily talking about whatever comes to mind… I keep trying to remind myself to stop and really be present in these moments. (Images of us by Anda Marie & Sarah Rhoads!)

SUMMER… 08/09 In the end I think everybody is, in some way, an artist. Put on this earth to create something out of nothing from their own unique perspective and experiences.

ROADTRIP… 08/29 It really is true that sometimes the good things in life come in bunches… beyond grateful.

END OF SUMMER/START OF FALL… 08/25 There is just something about that part of the world – the fingers of the lakes, the lichen-covered stone, the pines, the colours, the quiet. The mother of the bride yesterday read out an essay called “leaving home” that the bride had written in high school and then she went on to say that for them, it has always been better to reach the peak of a mountain top than the gain of any material things. That just inspired me to no end. It all just tugged at me inside, telling me to live a better life, one that I would be proud to have told.

ROUNDING OUT THE YEAR… 11/17 I’m sure that when I look back on this year, I will look back on it as a year of realizations about myself – what I need to have, what I want to be, who I just am. The new year for me feels like a time to start over in a way, to start being that person I’m discovering that I am.

Sitting here at the end of 2011, 2.5 years after starting on this crazy dream, and I’m looking ahead more than anything. If we are anywhere, it is because we stand on the shoulders of giants — our friends + family who encourage us, and the beautiful people we have gotten to know this year, who you’ve just seen in these many preceding photographs. 2011 will forever be a memory of an awesome year of growing and discovering…. thanks to all who were a part of our lives and who made it what it was. Here’s to 2012!

Many x’s and o’s!! – Jenn & Dave


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Meet Dominika and Nelson – these two are just about as sweet, happy, and genuine as they come, and so full of joy you can’t help but smile when you’re around them! These guys are explorers, adventurers, and lovers of experiencing life to its fullest…….. that much is so clear when you’re around them. Some of their biggest passions are traveling together, going jogging, and giving each other high fives, which, coincidentally, all happen to be among our favourite things too! Dave and I absolutely loved our time with them a couple of weeks ago on a warm fall day walking around the parks they run through around their neighbourhood…… they just opened up, let go, and allowed themselves to experience the moment in front of our cameras and it was lovely to capture these moments for them to hold on to and keep close to their hearts for many years to come…..

That’s one of the coolest things about photographing people – capturing them how they really are right in that very moment. It’s crazy to stop and really think of how fleeting these moments and this exact place and time in each of our lives really is. It is a truly lovely thing to be able to give people to hang onto as the years pass. Dominika and Nelson are superstars for allowing us in and we can’t wait to share their big day with them next fall! I know it’s going to be a good one : )

– Jenn xx


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