Wow guys, sorry if this blog post makes less sense than normal, this week has been spent wrapped under covers with a box of kleenex by my side as I’ve been battling an infection that’s got me beat. So I’m really just hoping some of what I write makes sense, haha. I just wanted to come on here though to say a big thank you to everyone for your super sweet texts, emails, and messages on twitter and facebook, it’s truly brightened my week! I’m also super thankful for my cat who’s barely left my side all week (who says dogs are a man’s best friend anyway??), the complete Ocean’s movie franchise, gingerale, and my lovely husband who’s taken care of me and everything all week. Also, I crawled up from under the covers long enough to catch Steph & John’s feature on the lovely Style Me Pretty Canada today, which I am also very thankful for! We shot Steph & John’s wedding a few months ago and it’s always so fun to see images we’ve done and people we’ve worked with published. They said some super sweet words too that totally made my day : ) Click on over to see the FULL FEATURE, if you’d like.

Hopefully the worst is over and I’ll be back to my normal self soon. Thanks for your patience if you’re waiting to hear from me…….. the most frustrating thing about being sick is the sitting still part, so I can’t wait for this thing to pass and to get back to real life. For now, back to bed. – Jenn xo


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Allison Congrats Jenn! And also on the amazing copy in the article, well deserved! Not only do I love your images, but I love the brides freckles oh. so. much.

linda Love.Love.LOVE this :) Sooooo proud of you love u xoxox