Last day of November, and I’m remembering how I looked forward to this month, most of the boxes on the calendar left blank. But those blank spots disappeared and things somehow got really busy, only in the best of ways. Here is the tiniest and most random of updates of what’s been up with Dave and I over the past few weeks!

1. A birthday celebration, including a cake made out of Malteasers and a weekend with family, a twenty-four hour escape and a night out at our favourite hotel in the city, and balloons with streamers! Turning twenty eight was made not so scary (thankful for this)  : )

2. We set up a time to properly meet up with an amazing business consultant, who just happens to also be one of my best friends. She’s spent the past few years consulting for some pretty major companies and she is probably the smartest person I know in real life. So we met up one night in her downtown condo, chatted about life, made dinner, and laid out our business. With my limited english vocabulary I can’t find the words to describe how good this was for us. I think a lot of the time for us creative types, and I can’t speak for everyone but I know that as much as I try to soak in all the business knowledge I can, let’s be real for a second….. most of the time I need help and direction and she gave us just that. To have someone come from the outside and look in…. again, words can’t describe. Every creative who runs their own business needs this. Really.

3. I read the TOMS book. Anyone who knows me, and probably even those who don’t (!) know that 95% of the time you can find me with a pair of TOMS shoes on my feet. The other 5% of the time probably means that there is snow up to my knees on the ground, but sometimes even snow can’t deter me…. I believe in this company so much and was still pleasantly surprised that a book that really was really very simple in nature could have such a profound effect on me. I mean, you’re probably not going to fill a notebook with ideas from the book or anything – its message was very simple but just got to me right at the core. I can honestly say that it has changed the way I look at my life. I really couldn’t recommend it more…. and I’m excited about where our business is going to be headed in the future because of these simple ideas. SO very excited! Big plans ahead.

4. We had our first real emergency with Cleo, aka our little ball of fur a couple of weeks ago….. we don’t know how she managed it, but she somehow sprained her leg one night, and if this incident was any indication then I don’t know how Dave and I are ever going to manage if we find ourselves as parents to real children in the future! She’s thankfully doing fine now  : )

5. We’ve just marked the end of our second full season of shooting weddings full time (eek!!). And we’ve met with so many amazing couples recently about documenting their weddings next year and beyond and we couldn’t be more grateful for crossing paths with such lovely people…. again, so thankful.

6. The Starks are MOVING! We are so excited about this! We’ve been on the hunt for a new place for…… well, close to a year now, so it’s hard to believe that moving day is right around the corner! We’re so excited about our new home in the heart of one of our favourite little Toronto neighbourhoods….. less excited about all the packing that still awaits us, but hey.

7. We’re taking a vacation! My parents surprised me in the most wonderful of ways on my birthday, so we are soon going to be jumping on a plane and heading south to Hawaii for some complete and utter rest! This year has been awesome but it’s also been GO-GO-GO!! so we’re trying to get all our work done before we go and I can’t tell you how much we are in need of some time to reboot and clear our heads.

8. Last day of Movember today! Thank you to everyone who has donated to the cause, and I’m sooo looking forward to getting rid of Dave’s moustache tomorrow! I’ve been making him apologize to all the new people we’ve been meeting lately! Please click here if you’d still like to donate!

9. It’s totally snowing right now…..

That’s about all I’ve got for now. I’ve got to say that writing is something I really miss when things get busy and I want to try really hard to make that change. Hope November treated you guys well and here’s to a lovely December. 2011 is almost over. Whoosh, just like that.

– Jenn xx


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