There is just something about that part of the world, of Canada, the northern parts where the landscape changes. The fingers of the lakes, the moss covered rocks, the tall pines, the brilliant colours of the leaves in the fall, the absolute quiet. It makes you come back into yourself, take deep breaths, and re-align. Kim and Taylor picked a spot for their wedding weekend that was perfect for them: right on the waters of the French River, a cozy and wonderfully outfitted lodge with cabins where their family and friends could travel to and stay a while, relax, celebrate, go for a run in the morning, take a canoe out in the lake in the afternoon, and sip cocktails in the evening around a fire. Their wedding day was just like them: simple and not fussy, and out of that, truly something wonderful.

I feel as though I could ramble on for quite a bit about this day, but I want to try to keep my words to a minimum because I feel like there’s too much I could say…….. I could tell you about how groups of their friends went running in the morning before the wedding, or about how Kim told me the inspiration for Taylor’s tie was the fall leaves, and his hair. Or about how they went for a paddle after the ceremony, in their full wedding attire. See, there’s just too much goodness to put it into words, but I will recount this one story: towards the end of dinner as everyone was happily munching on the most gorgeous butter tarts, Kim’s mum had the microphone and as she was wrapping up a toast to her daughter and new son-in-law, she said that she admired the two of them……. because for them, it has always been better to reach the peak of a mountain top than to gain any amount of material things. Truly I couldn’t agree more. Kim and Taylor, we can’t express how welcomed we felt by you, your family and friends and how much we enjoyed the weekend up north celebrating with you! Thank you so much for your kindness. I know you would never think this of yourselves, and that’s part of what makes it true – you’re an inspiring pair and I know you’ll go on to do many great things. I’ve gone a bit overboard with images as usual, enjoy this glimpse into Kim and Taylor’s wedding on the French River…..

– Jenn xx

Venue: THE LODGE AT PINE COVE French River, Ontario | Photographers: Jenn & Dave Stark of JENN STARK PHOTOGRAPHERS


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Aron Those are stunners Jenn. Such a lucky couple. :)

Lucas Great images Jenn – The wedding looks awesome!

anda augh!!! SO GOOD. for real?! you guys. i can’t even express how insanely great these ALL are. i love the setting and the feel and the vibe and the framing and the boat and the lake and the everything. your eye. i die.

Mark it feels like we’re right there with them! really cool concept for a wedding, and i love the way you perfectly captured the sun :)