Ahhh not sure where to even start with these two……. we first met Mel and Chris actually at a wedding we photographed where Mel was a bridesmaid and we hit it off, and at the end of the night we found ourselves just chatting away with them on the dance floor…… and we’ve pretty much kept in touch with them over the past year long distance, as they live in Japan working as teachers there. After the earthquake a few months ago and the subsequent aftermath, they decided to make another trip back home this summer, and Mel got in touch and asked if we wanted to take a drive down to Boston with them before they flew back. Well, of course we did!! We had an amazing time with these guys wandering around Boston and I’m so happy we got to take their pictures while we were at it  : )

Mel is an aspiring photographer and I must say it was really nice getting to chat and share some of what we do with her and Chris……. I found myself continually inspired by her thoughts and beliefs about creating art and Dave and I felt a million times affirmed and grateful to have connected with such a like-minded soul. It was a really inspiring time those few days in Boston for us. And to see her and Chris together is like seeing a couple who you know has got just the right amount of determination, courage, and optimism that together they are going to do many great things together. They already are doing many great things together. They really are lovely, energetic, hilarious, sweet, and insightful people who I’m really glad we get to laugh with and call friends…… and we miss them quite a bit now! Got to start planning our next meet up, somewhere around the world!

Also, it just happens to be this pair’s wedding anniversary tomorrow (which is really today for them since Japan lives in the future, ha!) so big congrats to you guys on five years! Hope your day is sweet and wonderful! Our love to you both. Enjoy these few frames of Mel and Chris in the quiet back streets of Boston!

– Jenn xx


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anda i hope you are really proud of these. i think they are your best yet. stunning work. so natural.

Jorge R. Gonzalez Lovely photos throughout your site. Great work!

mel willms thanks guys!!! These are just so special! (and gorgeous!) means alot to us…love you two..