I just loved everything about this next wedding…. getting to know Sara and Adam, and getting to be there and documenting their day was such a pleasure….. If you’ve read my blog or know me at all, you’ll know that almost as much as I enjoy taking photos, I love to write…. sometimes though, I really don’t feel like words are enough, and that is why I’m so happy I also get to take photos, photos that speak for me when there really are no words to describe something. Sara and Adam (you might remember them from their engagement photos we did with them last fall at High Park….. click right HERE to see those images) are just such great people and they had a simply lovely wedding day in Toronto a couple of weekends ago….. and I am so excited to share these images!

Dave and I started the day by pulling out our umbrellas and running up the steps to the lovely Hart House in the University of Toronto campus, jumping over puddles to get out of the rain and meet up with the girls…. and the rain continued as the girls got ready, at one point it got very dark and loud cracks of thunder could be heard out the window…. still Sara kept her chin up and her lovely and excited smile didn’t leave her face, and the excitement never left the room (I love when it’s like that!). By the time Sara was in her gorgeous dress, Dave and the guys had arrived, the rain had stopped, and Adam was waiting for Sara to come down where they would have a “first look”. This is something more and more of the couples we work with decide to do, and it is a really lovely experience, a chance for them to see each other for the first time that day in private before the ceremony. It also gave us plenty of time for photos and let Sara and Adam enjoy their cocktail hour with their guests, and it’s all around just a really special time the couple gets to enjoy together. After their first look, we brought in their lovely wedding party who all looked amazing and were full of congratulations for them and we found lots of gorgeous spots around the old brick exterior of Hart House for more photos…. then it was time for everybody to hide away and get ready for the ceremony, which earlier that morning nobody would have believed could have been held outside, but it was, in the quad in the middle of the Hart House….. and it was stunning. Everyone enjoyed cocktails out on the patio under the tent before it was time to head inside to the stunning Great Hall, decorated with flowers from Sara’s step-dad and place-cards that were hand-written by Adam’s mum….. an amazing meal was served, everyone enjoyed the speeches, and I particularly enjoyed the Best Man’s rendition of how Adam and Sara started dating, especially what it was like whenever Adam would pick up the phone and it was Sara on the other end : ) Sara and her dad (who is from Australia) danced to a punk-rock version of “Waltzing Matilda” (it was so fun!) which lead into everyone flooding the dance floor and dancing well into the night…. ahh it really was an amazing day.

Sara and Adam, you know we think the world of you two and couldn’t be happier that our paths aligned and we were able to photograph your day! Everything about your day was amazing, but nothing more so than the two of you. Hope you enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed taking them…. I’ve posted quite a few photos in the hopes that the Aussie side of the family can get a little taste of what your special day was like from the other side of the world : )

– Jenn xx

This wedding was also featured on STYLE ME PRETTY CANADA! Click HERE for the feature and to hear more about the day from Sara’s perspective¬† : )

Venue: HART HOUSE Toronto | Photographers: Jenn & Dave Stark of JENN STARK PHOTOGRAPHERS | Florals by: John Dziuma (bride’s stepfather) FLORIDA FLOWERS | Girls’ Make-up: Melissa Andre | Cake by: friend of the bride


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anda Gorgeous wedding. Gorgeous couple. Gorgeous captures. I’ve said it before, but I do love your eye!

Kirsten Mavric Beautiful, Jenn. Did you use a tilt and shift for the reception shots? The walls are lovely and straight.

gen I think this is one of my absolute favourites of your weddings guys…so unbelievably gorgeous!