One thing I love about my job is getting to reconnect with some awesome people I was friends with “for a season” again, especially at such a special point in their lives…. It was that way when my long lost twinsie from one of the many summer camps I worked at when I was younger got in touch about Dave and I photographing her upcoming wedding — we were both so excited! I hadn’t met Chris before, but I knew as soon as I saw him and he was wearing TOMS shoes that we’d have no problem hitting it off, ha ha! Cathy and Chris are totally fun to be around…. they are comfortable, easy going, and laugh easily together, qualities that make for pretty awesome people in my opinion, not to mention it is the stuff of awesome, forever kinds of relationships. They are both big hockey fans and all around sports enthusiasts, and initially met when Cathy was one of the refs at Chris’ intramural hockey games….. they properly met later, on Halloween night, when Cathy was dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and Chris was dressed up as……. well, when they told me I probably laughed for five minutes straight, like one of those laughs where you have to catch your breath afterwards : )  I seriously love these two.

We set a date with Cathy and Chris to meet up and do some photos with them and their fur-baby Charlie (a lovely chocolate Labrador retriever) and had just a super relaxed and fun time walking around with them, saying the word “cookie” to Charlie quite a bit when he got distracted, listening to equally hilarious stories as the Halloween costume story, and walking by some interesting fashion choices as the city of Toronto descended upon a gorgeously sunny evening by the lake. Cathy and Chris (and Charlie!), we truly enjoyed our evening out with you guys, we hope you enjoyed the process of making these photos, and we cannot wait to do it again real soon!

Here are a few frames for our time with them……. these images just represent to me everything that is amazing about summer, and about two people in love.

– Jenn xx