As I said in my last post, after taking a bit of time off blogging to make some updates over the past few days/weeks, I am so glad to be getting back into the regular swing of things! I am also super glad for the blue sky and sunshine that is streaming in through my window at the moment and am counting down the days until the snow is completely melted away and I can put the winter coat into the very very back of our closet. We’ve been lucky and have had a few amazing days of warmer weather in the city, and we lucked out and got a great one the other weekend for a shoot….. and so meet the fantastic Anita and Sushant. Can I just say that these two are great together – they are genuine, laugh easily and are such comfortable people to be around. We met up with them right around the St. Lawrence area of downtown Toronto last weekend and we were all super thankful that the sweet sun was definitely smiling down on us. Anita even got to wear her dress for a few shots : )

Anita contacted me a few months ago to arrange some photos of her and Sushant at a time when she’d be visiting him in Toronto (as she lives in Vancouver at the moment) and so we were all prepared for whatever weather might be thrown at us. We started out sharing in one of their favourite pastimes – sampling coffees at indie coffee shops on the weekend (so fun!) – and after a few coffees and some wandering around the streets it just felt like hanging out with friends we’ve known forever. They are going to be getting married at the end of this year and are having what sounds like an amazing three-day celebration in India! I asked if Sushant would be riding in on a horse. Anita’s trying to coax him onto an elephant. YES!

Can I also just say, on a more personal note, that I was so excited to share these today? I just love these images. The entire time we were shooting and while going through the edits, I don’t know, something’s just resonated within me that this is the kind of shoot and images that I love, that I’m proud of, that I want to keep pushing myself to get. Why? Because when I look at them, I just see Anita & Sushant. I just see how they really are, and how they are with each other. I’ve had a lot of time this winter to refocus, to think about the direction I’m headed as a photographer and business, what I want people to walk away with, and I’m so very excited to keep pushing for these kinds of sweet, simple & genuine moments : )

– Jenn xx


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Jimmy Bender Awesome post! Nailed your exposures, great angles, and love how natural these photos are. Great stuff!

gen *LOVE*

Andrea Husted This shoot rocks my world Jenn & Dave! Love it… you guys did such a great job. What a perfectly adorable couple too! Awesome :)

Anita Awwww… Jenn, you and Dave are TOO awesome! Sushant and I had such an amazing time with the shoot – and I’m so glad it shines thru and you guys were able to capture it so beautifully!

Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH!!! xoxo

Amara aww i love these photos! you two look amazing! 😀

Anita Rane Hi!

Love the simplicity of the couple in the photos. Every pic has a special warmth in them.

And the main reason why these pics are extra special to me, is because my name is Anita and my husband’s name is Sushant too :)))

It’s freaky and unusual at the same time!!

Much love and best wishes from India,
Anita Rane